Grenke: Jupiter is significantly reducing participation

Two days ago, Grenke reported that Jupiter Fund Management PLC had increased its stake in the stock corporation from 5.004 percent to 5.67 percent – the deadline was September 16. Today comes the next voting rights announcement on the investment of the fund company – and it shows a completely different picture. According to the information, Jupiter Fund Management PLC reduced its stake in Grenke AG as of September 22nd from 5.67 percent to just 3.91 percent – so that it was increased significantly more than before.

Jupiter now holds 1,816,536 Grenke shares compared to 2,637,655 shares previously.

Grenke’s share price has hovered between EUR 33.16 and EUR 34.88 in the previous XETRA trading on Wednesday, the MDAX value is currently quoted at EUR 33.66 and is thus 1.57 percent higher than yesterday’s XETRA closing price.

All current reports from the 4investors editorial team on the allegations of Fraser Perring’s Viceroy Research can be found linked below or via our Grenke share page on 4investors!


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