Fish stall classic overhauled: the first 100% vegetable Lekkerbeck is here

The Lekkerbeck can be tasted there from the beginning of October 2020.

Typical Dutch delicacy
Vegan Finest Foods has become known for their meat and fish substitutes, but is also popular among vegans for their snack sauces. They developed a vegan remoulade sauce especially for the Lekkerbeck. The gourmand, a traditional Dutch favorite, was originally made from cod and whiting in a crispy jacket of beer batter. Because these fish species are heavily overfished, nowadays a cheaper variant is often sought, but the pressure on the ecosystem continues to exist.

Award-winning vegan fish
Vegan Finest Foods has been actively helping to solve this global problem for years under the Vegan ZeaStar brand by developing really good plant-based alternatives to fish. The brand is recognized worldwide for the way they set the bar high when it comes to plant-based fish products, both in terms of taste and structure. The vegan sashimi (high quality tuna and salmon that is eaten raw in sushi, for example) was awarded a Peta Vegan Food Award earlier this year.

The secret of a good Lekkerbeck
Rody van Kuijen, co-owner of Vegan Finest Foods: ‘Our mission was not to leave the frequent fish-eater behind the net. The biggest challenge in creating a sustainable successor for fish is the structure. We have therefore worked for a long time on the correct flaky structure of the Lekkerbeck. The first reactions are very positive and now everyone can taste our first vegan whitefish. ‘

Vegan Finest Foods indicates that several other 100% vegetable (fish) products will follow within 6 months. De Lekkerbeck can be ordered throughout the Netherlands from October 2020 at restaurant chain De Beren (the brand’s Kalamariz will also be added to the menu there) and Vegan Junk Food Bars. Many restaurants and supermarkets are expected to follow. The Lekkerbeck is also launched in the United Kingdom under the name Tasty Codd.

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