Deutsche Bank: Total agreement

Several analysts are now looking at the shares of Deutsche Bank. The agreement is almost astonishing. The experts at JP Morgan rate the shares of Deutsche Bank as “neutral”. The price target remains at EUR 7.00. Things are obviously going better in investment banking. Nevertheless, the income is still far from above the cost of capital. This will take a while.

The UBS analysts also see Deutsche Bank shares as “neutral”. And the Swiss also calculate the target price for the shares in Frankfurt at EUR 7.00.

The Swiss refer to an industry conference in their analysis. There, CFO von Moltke commented on the third quarter. So things are going better for bonds, currencies and commodities. That should have a positive effect on market expectations.

According to the CFO, the core capital ratio could be more than 12.5 percent in 2020. The market expects 12.8 percent. The analysts assume 12.6 percent.

The shares of Deutsche Bank today gain 2.4 percent to 7.101 euros.


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