Commerzbank share: current development brings new price opportunities – chart analysis

A brief technical update on the Commerzbank share: For two days in a row, the MDAX value was able to regain its footing in the support zone around the striking daily low of July 30 at EUR 4.22. However, it remains to be seen whether the downward movement, which started at EUR 5.35, will end. At the moment, the Commerzbank share has at least managed to move up slightly from this zone and is trading just below the previous daily high, which was quoted at EUR 4.347.

A look at the chart of the Commerzbank share shows a support area with a core brand of 4.22 euros at around 4.17 / 4.26 euros. 4.11 / 4.12 euros and 3.97 / 4.05 euros supplement the zone with additional, albeit weaker, technical chart support. A lively break below the daily lows of Monday and Tuesday at 4.189 / 4.202 euros would be difficult to stop at these brands. At the moment, however, new opportunities are developing, especially if the Commerzbank share price overcomes the obstacles in the recently opened downward gap at EUR 4.43 / 4.48 and EUR 4.449 / 4.536.


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