Blue Lagoon: Preparations for early gold mining initiated

In an interview with, Rana Vig, CEO of the Goldgesellschaft Blue Lagoon Resources (WKN A2PNJ8) Already pointed out: An important plus point of the Dome Mountain project is that it already has an approved mine – and only a few steps are necessary before mining can resume there.

As Blue Lagoon announced yesterday, these steps are now being tackled as a recent financing project brought the company $ 7.5 million into the coffers. This includes the following three main tasks:

– Completion of the water treatment plant (“WTP”, Water Treatment Plant) and investigations of the water chemistry

– Completion of the rock control plan

– Update of the reclamation and closure plan

Blue Lagoon has secured the services of proven experts for this purpose – Mr. Vig estimated the costs to GOLDINVEST at around 1.5 million dollars – so we assume that the work should now be completed within a few months. And then the dismantling can begin!

Dome Mountain, 11,290 acres, is road accessible year-round and is just 50 minutes’ drive from Smithers town. In 2016, 6,691 tons of ore from Dome Mountain were processed for test purposes in Nicola Mining’s (WKN A14T7S) processing facility, with an average of around 9 grams of gold per ton producing 1,517 ounces of gold and 8.026 ounces of silver.

Blue Sky exploration potential is to be increased

In addition to the prospect of an early start of mining on Dome Mountain, the property also has enormous exploration potential. Fifteen other high-grade gold veins alone are already known, but almost 90% of the project area has not yet been explored!

Blue Lagoon is currently drilling a total of approximately 2,800 meters in length on Dome Mountain and anticipates initial results will be available around September 30th. As Mr. Vig told us in an interview, the company has already applied for a further 100 drill holes, so that there is still a lot to do in this regard in the near future.

We’re definitely staying on the ball here.

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