Bitcoin (BTC) on September 24, 2020

End of a bloody weekend for Bitcoin

It goes up! Until where and for how long? We don’t know. Bitcoin (BTC) broke the $ 10,700 mark today, September 24, 2020. The Whales announce resistance to be broken in the short term. Today’s green candlestick could revive BTC more than halfway through before its big drop this week.

We are looking for the Whales

The latest data from Whalemap sure Bitcoin show the existence of short-term resistance at $ 10,369, $ 10,570, $ 10,734 and $ 10,842.

Many Whales are at a loss at or at equilibrium until Bitcoin reaches $ 10,842. The data also shows Whales that will likely sell at the $ 10,900 – $ 11,000 level.

Bitcoin is trading at $ 10,716 as of this writing. The price of BTC jumped almost $ 400 in less than 2 hours.

The BTC has not had a hard time breaking resistance at $ 10,570, the next few hours will show he will be able to break through $ 10,734.

Still concerning whales, Whale Alert today reported transfers totaling 29,293 BTC.

3 transactions of 9,888 BTC were made fromOKEx towards Binance, 3 other transfers of 10,405 BTC are transfers of Binance to anonymous wallets.

Earlier today, before these transactions, Binance also carried out 2 other transactions of 6,778 BTC to anonymous wallets and, Okex also transferred 6,726 BTC towards Binance.

Finally, a Bitcoin largely green?

Bitcoin closed the day yesterday, September 23, 2020, at around USD 10,260; the red candlestick then extended that of 3 days ago.

Bitcoin is currently absorbing half of the bearish candlestick of September 21, 2020; the BTC May very well end today with a daily increase of 2%.


Cryptoassets are highly volatile unregulated investment products. No EU investor protection. Your capital is at risk.

How many traders, investors are watching the 10,700 USD – 11,000 USD to liquidate their positions? Are there enough of them to put strong pressure on the price of Bitcoin in the short term? What will be the impact of the movements of the whales on the price of Bitcoin? Today will likely end with a beautiful green candlestick, but that doesn’t mean Bitcoin has moved out of the uncertainty zone. But hey all the victories are to be taken, especially in an economic context of the most uncertain!


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