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Hema is releasing a new Halloween and Dia de los Muertos collection. For both holidays, the range is full of decorations, costumes and sweets, ‘so that every party can be optimally celebrated’.

In addition to St. Maarten, Halloween is now increasingly celebrated in the Netherlands. This means double the party for the children with twice the fun, because more holidays means more delicacies and more dressing up, the Hema marketers observe and respond to this with their team.

Suitable sweets have been released for the well-known “trick or treat”. For example, there are now new trick or treat dispensing boxes with glow in the dark ink. There are also sweets with a twist, such as Fizzy lolly pops that foam, vegan Dracula teeth and sour skulls, as well as classics such as raisins and chocolates.

There is plenty of choice to simply celebrate the American or Mexican holiday here in the Netherlands, according to Hema. Dia de los Muertos is also known as the festival of the dead and is mainly celebrated with skulls and bright colors. This is reflected in the collection in the form of balloons, streamers and crockery. Many new products have also been added to the collection for Halloween. For example, you can now scare your neighbors with a giant fake spider on the window, it is possible to glow in the dark get socks for these dark days, or you can get your pets in the festive mood in their own costumes as well as yourself. All these products and more are of course also available for Sint Maarten, reports the Dutch department store.

The entire range is now in the shops or can also be purchased at For in your marketing agenda: Halloween will take place on October 31, 2020, Dia de los Muertos, although still celebrated on a small scale in the Netherlands on November 2, 2020 and finally Sint Maarten on November 11, 2020. The next party is (the run-up to) Pakjesavond .

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