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Binance, Bitfinex, FTX … just hours after launching its Mainnet, the AVALANCHE (AVAX) project is listed on everything the crypto ecosystem has the most serious players. Perhaps the only thing missing is Coinbase for this project, which aims to set up the first real “Internet of Value”, to hit the ground running. In the meantime, as announced some time ago, a platform is currently offering a nice operation to benefit from an airdrop of free AXAX tokens: CoinEx, an exchange that is growing in scope has just specified the conditions of the surgery.


Rain of Avax

Difficult to say with absolute certainty if Avalanche (AVAX) keep its ambitious promises. One will agree, however, that the eagerly awaited release of its mainnet a few hours ago was one of the events of the moment, and this despite the over-saturation of the ecosystem with a continuous wave of “new ”DeFi projects.

If from Binance at Bitfinex, many Bitcoin and crypto exchanges have already communicated that the AVAX token would be listed on their platform, CoinEx stands out a bit. Indeed, CoinEx offers an incentive operation calibrated to attract traders and AVAX holders on a simple scheme: by transferring your AVAXs to the platform, you will immediately become eligible for a token airdrop

A fairly traditional mechanism in its form and very efficient, both for the platform that is talking about it, as well as for its users who will be able to benefit from a small welcome gift without much effort.

AVAX Airdrop Conditions on CoinEx

Taken from the official CoinEx blog, the conditions to participate in the transaction are as follows:


Depending on the time and amount of the deposit, platform users will be eligible for an AVAX airdrop according to the following breakdown:

  1. The 200 first users will be able to obtain 10% of the amount of their deposit as a reward (max. 20 AVAX per user)
  2. The 201 to 500 first users will be able to get 5% of their deposit amount as a reward (max. 15 AVAX per user)
  3. From 501 and over, users will be able to get 2% of their deposit amount as a reward (max. 8 AVAX per user)

A total of 13,000 AVAX are dedicated to the operation

To note that 7000 additional AVAX are reserved for a sponsorship program. By inviting new users to register on CoineEx and deposit a minimum of 100 AVAXs there you will be eligible for AVALANCHE token rewards. In addition, a competition will allow the most active members to benefit from rewards between 200 and 500 AVAX.


The campaign will last from September 22 to 28. A simple registration on CoinEx and the transfer of a hundred AVAX tokens will thus make you eligible for an easy and efficient airdrop of a token that everything indicates that it could become one of the future stars of the ecosystem.

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