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Among the attacks faced by holders of cryptocurrency wallets is phishing. Prioritizing the security and protection of personal data, Brave browser has decided to offer its users a solution against this type of attack. This anti-phishing solution comes from the cybersecurity company PhishFort, which is known in particular for offering open-source technologies used to eliminate phishing scams on the Web3. With this announcement, Brave intends to make its platform more secure to the delight of its users. Explanations.

A perpetually updated list of safe sites integrated into the browser

Phishing scams use bogus sites to steal personal information from portfolio holders. Once the data is in their possession, hackers use it to empty the content of associated accounts. To remedy, PhishFort will maintain a constantly updated list of safe and scam sites that will be integrated into the browser. Thus, Brave users will receive a warning in case they navigate to a page suspected of being part of a phishing scam. This is what to share Brave in its announcement dated September 8.

Brave Now uses @PhishFort’s open source antiphishing solutions for its in-browser crypto wallets to better protect its users. The spam list of PhishFort detects crypto scams and immediately alerts our users to any suspicious sites Could we read there. With the implementation of this solution, Brave is confident that it can minimize phishing attacks within its platform. Although details are still scarce, the roughly 18.3 million monthly active users of Brave will soon interact with the anti-phishing function.

Brave new target of crypto crooks

In addition to the aspect of personal data protection, Brave would like to eventually become a crypto-friendly browser. An ambition that has been well received by the public testifies to the growing number of users of the platform. Some of the latter may in particular be delighted to receive rewards in the form of BAT tokens for viewing advertisements.

However, this ambition could further expose the platform to hackers interested in cryptocurrencies. Continuing on this path, Brave appears to these crypto-crooks as a perfect place to operate. This is notably what a report by PhishFort published in June which states “when the reward is as precious and anonymous as the assets and secrets of cryptocurrencies, hackers iterate quickly and target the most used and discussed apps “.


Cryptoassets are highly volatile unregulated investment products. No EU investor protection. Your capital is at risk.

More than just protection for these users, Brave has therefore adopted a system to enable it to maintain its credibility in matters of security. Hopefully, the announcement of such a feature in the browser will increase the number of users who will use it in the future.


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