Hessen and Bavaria want to make home office tax deductible

D.he two federal states of Hesse and Bavaria want to work in the Federal Council to ensure that more people can deduct their home office from tax. In particular, citizens who cannot set up their own office should benefit from the planned “simple option”, as Bavarian Finance Minister Albert Füracker (CSU) and his Hessian colleague Michael Boddenberg (CDU) announced on Sunday. The initiative that they want to bring to the Finance Committee of the Federal Council provides that a lump sum of five euros can be set as income-related expenses per full day in the home office, but a maximum of 600 euros per year.

According to the finance ministers’ plans, special arrangements in the home are not necessary. They want “that the additional costs for home office can be claimed unbureaucratically with income tax,” declared the ministers. The proposal contributes “to tax simplification” and could “help to pacify the frequent conflicts with the tax office in the current practice with the office costs”.

It is not the first foray in this direction. Among other things, the FDP member of the Bundestag Gerald Ullrich called for more tax benefits for work at home in May. “Home office should all be able to claim for tax purposes,” said the politician. Currently, only those who have their own room can claim their work at home for tax purposes. “However, this misses the reality of most employees,” complained Ullrich. The CSU members of the Bundestag are also going into the last year of this legislative period with a corresponding demand.


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