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Happy work today: mockery or attitude?

Successful management after the Corona crisis requires new perspectives for managers
Successful management after the corona crisis requires new perspectivesimago images / Shotshop

“Happy work!” Is how my grandpa used to say goodbye. Not with “Bye!” As is customary in my home in Lower Saxony. But with “Happy work!” And he didn’t mean it ironically, but happy and serious at the same time.

Perhaps you feel the same way as many entrepreneurs do today: To them, the greeting sounds more like a mockery of the difficult situation in which they find themselves. But let me tell you why there is more of an attitude in it. An attitude that makes companies successful, entrepreneurs satisfied and our society great.

Entrepreneur: do your job!

What is the job of an entrepreneur? To be aware of your entrepreneurial role and to live it. But many entrepreneurs don’t do that. Instead, they work as managers and specialists in their company, so they often do the job of an employee. Only in a company that they own and with a lot more responsibility and risk.

Most are not aware of this. Many entrepreneurs only feel this indirectly because they are simply not happy in their job. And what makes you unhappy? That they aren’t doing the job they originally wanted to do. This is not only bad for them, but also for their employees, in the end also for the customers and for the whole company.

Every entrepreneur runs the risk of ruining his own entrepreneur if he does not manage to break free from the hamster wheel of operational business: and to live what he started as an entrepreneur.

That’s why entrepreneurs should do their job and take care of their own product …

What is your product

We entrepreneurs have only one product: our own company. This company has to be shaped. That is the core of the entrepreneurial role: shaping the future of the company, asking strategic questions and trying to answer them.

Where should the journey go? This is a question that you cannot answer for your company as long as you only have the operative glasses on. If you try to answer questions about the future purely from this point of view, you may be able to ensure that you are reasonably on a safe course for a certain time. But you will not see where this course is supposed to lead, the goal of your company’s journey.

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For this you need a vision for your company. So part of your entrepreneurial role is the life of a thought leader. Without this vision you will not be able to live up to your responsibility for yourself, your family, your company and your employees. You will not be able to create a company that brings you personal pleasure and is successful in the long term. Then the greeting “Happy Creation” really becomes a mockery.

More than wealth

Sure: nothing happens without moss, but what lies at the core of our common economic activity and coexistence is the desire for quality of life.

That is why an entrepreneur does his job when he does it with pleasure. He has recognized that his company is not only there to satisfy the customer, but also for his own benefit. He is not a slave to his own company, but creates it of his own free will. His life makes sense. His company gives him quality of life. And this is more than wealth.


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