Daimler settles diesel dispute in the USA with a billions comparison

That will be expensive: The Daimler group has to pay 875 million dollars in the USA. This payment is part of a billion dollar settlement to resolve the diesel dispute. But this is not over yet.

To settle the US dispute over excessive diesel emissions, Daimler faces a civil penalty of $ 875 million as part of a $ 1.5 billion settlement with American regulators. This emerged from documents that were filed with the competent US court.

Daimler spoke of a “further important step towards legal security”. The US regulators have agreed to a comparison of civil and environmental claims.

“This will bring the corresponding official procedures in connection with emissions control systems of around 250,000 diesel vehicles in the USA to a comprehensive end.” The settlement of the proceedings would “avoid lengthy, disputed disputes in court with the corresponding legal and financial risks”. The court must finally approve the settlement.

Daimler cannot completely tick off the dispute

The group itself had already announced in August that it had reached an agreement in principle regarding the legal conflicts, which would cost Daimler the equivalent of more than 1.9 billion euros. Since 2016, the Stuttgart-based company has been targeted by the US judiciary because of allegedly fudged readings for the emission of nitrogen oxide.

Targeted manipulations of the exhaust technology with a cheat software, as it was used at Volkswagen, had always rejected Daimler. In contrast to the Wolfsburg-based company, who admitted exhaust gas fraud on a grand scale in 2015 under pressure from the US authorities, Daimler does not admit guilt in the context of the comparisons and does not have to buy back vehicles from customers or be monitored by a watchdog by the US authorities in future .

However, Daimler cannot completely tick the issue off yet. Because the settlements only end civil proceedings, so further criminal consequences cannot be ruled out.

Since the serious violations of the air pollution control law by VW, the US environmental authorities have meticulously insisted on compliance with the emission standards and have also wrested an expensive settlement from the Italian-American car maker Fiat Chrysler. US class actions for alleged exhaust gas manipulation are also pending against a number of other automakers.


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