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Bitcoin (BTC) near $ 100,000 according to PlanB

Bitcoin (BTC) is currently trading around $ 11,000, PlanB now sees it as a BTC at $ 288,000. Bitcoin has barely come 10% of the way to $ 100,000 and yet, according to Bitcoin’s Stock – to-Flow (S2F), $ 100,000 is already in wallets containing 1 BTC.

An updated S2F, the 100,000 USD still relevant

Plan B and his S2F of Bitcoin : he still holds the same discourse on a BTC at $ 100,000, although the S2F has been updated.

S2F forecasts have proved to be sufficiently precise so far, such as the one on the consolidation phase observed around 10,000 USD. For Plan B, the BTC It’s just one step away from the $ 100,000.

In a tweet dated September 14, 2020, he indicates that the updated version of the S2F, the Stock-to-Flow cross-asset (S2FX), confirms this trend.

The updated model takes into account macroeconomic factors and introduces periods of transformation of Bitcoin in active. S2FX predicts an average price of Bitcoin to 288,000 USD before 2024.

PlanB Stock-to-Flow Bitcoin BTC 100,000 USD

They all fund Bitcoin’s success

Forecasts of Michael Van de Poppe go in the same direction as those of Plan B. According to him, the comparison of market cycles BTC shows similarities between the current period and that of 2016, namely an upward trend with long periods of lateral consolidations.

Regarding the origin of the funds that will fuel this rise in prices, Plan B refers to one of his articles published in 2019 on his Medium: he then indicated that precious metals, countries with negative interest rates (theEurope, the Japan, the United States), billionaires who sought to protect themselves from the effects of quantitative easing policies, are all potential investors.

The general impression around assets perceived as a safe haven, such as gold or Bitcoin, remains positive: Mike McGlone of Bloomberg Intelligence, considers that the gold market is currently fueled by organic, not speculative, demand.


Cryptoassets are highly volatile unregulated investment products. No EU investor protection. Your capital is at risk.

4 BTC will be enough for you to become millionaires in 4 years, at least if you have enough faith in PlanB and its S2FX. A second wave of COVID-19 that even partially and temporarily cripple the economy could accelerate Bitcoin’s long-awaited bullish wave. Meanwhile, DeFi continues to work miracles on Ethereum!

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