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It has been since late 2017 that Activision filed a patent to use the blockchain. Since September 8, it has been officially awarded to them. At the same time, Atari is entering its third phase of pre-sale of its token while having accumulated partnerships, notably with Wax, Marvel or The Sandbox. Two mastodons in the video game sector who have recently been making headlines, but in concrete terms, what do we know about their project?


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Activision, very discreet

If Activision is very discreet about the communication around this patent, they surely have a good reason. The only information present in this patent revolves around two axes:

  • Ranking data of players from one or more video games
  • The ability to exchange assets with other players between multiple games, all through an asset normalization system

No information regarding which blockchain will be used has yet been provided, except that it will be public. It’s already that !

But why so much secrecy when its competitors like Ubisoft Do not hesitate to do public tests with Rabbids or Atari which multiplies the partnerships?

Maybe the studio still has not digested the departure of John linden, Jamie jackson and Rudy koch. These three names are the ones behind the creation two years ago of the Mythical Games studio, which is developing the highly anticipated (in the community) Blankos Block Party!

This game using the dGoods standard, it is the Wax or EOS blockchain that will host the game.

Does Activision want to go play in this field or will rather wait for ETH2? The bets are open…

atari token

Atari and the $ ATRI

Atari, for its part, no longer hides its interest in blockchain gaming. Since the announcement of Atarichain and its $ ATRI token, the project has multiplied partnerships and does not stop at one type of game or blockchain!


atari partners

Unikrn specializes in the casino, Wax and Arkane in NFTs, Animoca wants to be leader in virtual worlds with The Sandbox, the Litecoin Foundation which has recently diversified into gaming …

So many players from different backgrounds seem to have found the ideal partner in Atari to make the connection. At the same time, it is an exchange of good process: the blockchain gaming takes advantage of the brand’s historic name while it benefits from the freshness brought by this new community.

To encourage the community to promote her token, she has launched a Gleam contest where different tasks have to be performed in order to have a chance to collect tokens.

The bet that the studio has set itself in wanting to create its universe linking the blockchain gaming industry therefore seems well under way, so all that remains is the success of the public ICO to complete this picture!



The hype continues to rise for these two huge traditional video game players who are marking the start of the school year with headlines. Even if at the moment nothing is concretely possible for the end user, it is important to note that the actors of the old world are starting to really take an interest in the new. The democratization of the blockchain continues to gain ground and it is very pleasant that this is the “play to earn” model that has managed to break down borders.


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