Aareal Bank: Second lockdown would be dangerous

The analysts at Pareto Securities have incorporated Aareal Bank’s second quarter figures into their model. The sale of 30 percent of Aareon’s shares is also taken into account. The buyer was Advent.

The analysts subsequently confirm their recommendation to hold Aareal Bank shares. The price target for the paper was previously EUR 15.00. In the current study it rises to 17.00 euros.

The uncertainties surrounding the bank remain high due to the pandemic. Another lockdown, which analysts do not expect, or late availability of a vaccine could negatively impact business. One is heavily involved in the area of ​​hotel loans. These are particularly affected by the problems.

However, the analysts consider the bank to be strong enough to overcome the crisis.

Aareal Bank shares lost 1.1 percent to 17.38 euros at noon.

At a glance – chart and news: Aareal Bank


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