Commerzbank share: The price wobbles a lot … – Chart analysis

Will an important technical chart support zone hold for the Commerzbank share? For two days in a row, the bears put the region around the 200-day line under pressure in the MDAX stock, in which there is short-term technical support above 4.47 / 4.53 euros. With daily lows at EUR 4.613 on Tuesday and EUR 4.60 on Wednesday yesterday, the area has not yet been seriously tested, although Commerzbank’s share price repeatedly fell below the 200-day line at EUR 4.652. At the end of yesterday’s XETRA trading day, Commerzbank shares were quoted EUR 4.759 (+1.88 percent), but current indications on Thursday morning are EUR 4.66 / 4.71, but a little lower again.

The pressure on the support brands does not seem to be over yet. Furthermore, the following applies: In the zone between 4.47 / 4.53 euros and the 200-day line, technical chart support is available for the MDAX value. If the zone is not reached, there could be unpleasant technical sell signals after the recovery movement from 2.804 / 2.814 euros, the corona crash double low, to 5.35 euros. It has already fallen below an upward trend, and signs of weakness have not only been visible in the Commerzbank share chart yesterday. The zones must hold – then the upward movement can at least structurally be saved. The first smaller buy signals would be price increases over obstacles between 4.76 euros and 4.86 euros.


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