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Binance (BNB) plays the game of The SandBox (SAND) by announcing the organization of various events to help the token adoption of this metaverse that would be among the most anticipated D-games. The game has only just begun: The SandBox has not yet officially launched, but is already making millions of dollars.

Binance plays in the sandbox with The SandBox

A press release published on the blog of Binance September 8, 2020 indicates that the exchange continues to strengthen its partnership with The SandBox.

Binance would in fact have acquired 4,012 non-fungible tokens LAND on the game platform, tokens that each represent a unique piece of property in the metaverse of The SandBox.

According to the press release, Binance plans to organize multiple gaming events and contests during which the winners will be rewarded with tokens LAND.

The SandBox is one of the largest user-generated gaming platforms with nearly one million active tokens: users can monetize their experiences through the platform’s utility token, SAND, and the non-fungible token LAND.

The SandBox, a serious game

The launch of the beta version of The SandBox is scheduled for the month of December 2020 but, 4 presales of tokens LAND have already been organized, for an estimated amount of $ 1.5 million.

Binance had previously organized an Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) of tokens SAND on his Launchpad, an IEO in which 12% of the total supply valued at $ 3 million was distributed.

According to, The SandBox is among the top 10 most anticipated blockchain games.

Tea Sandbox has around fifty partnerships with several major players in the gaming industry, including Atari and Square Enix, and this support from Binance can attract potential new investors.

Changpeng Zhao had indicated that the blockchain brought significant improvements in the field of gaming, in terms of transparency, decentralization and interoperability.

CZ-fan gamers are certainly looking forward to these famous gaming events organized by Binance, to increase their LAND. The SandBox is in the process of making a success of its pre-sales, sufficiently enticing potential users, the future lords of a crypto-continent to be conquered. If this world does not adapt to cryptos then cryptos will create their world. Only one limit: the overflowing imagination of cryptophiles.


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