Latest Customer data was partially unprotected

Errors in maintenance work at caused problems with the security of the company’s customers’ data. “Between June 10 and 23, 2020, some of our customers’ data was temporarily on an unprotected server,” the e-commerce company announced. The data is now protected again, according to The incident was discovered by IT security experts from the Federal Office for Information Security. However, it is unclear whether other third parties have access to the unprotected user data. The incident is being investigated, and the Munich-based company has called in external experts.

“As far as we know today, there was no information about means of payment on the server – such as credit card numbers. However, among other things, there were data such as names, email addresses, postal addresses, telephone numbers and the order history of affected users as well as in some cases the dates of birth and names of their children ”, the company said about the data concerned. It is currently unknown how many customers are affected.

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