CK * Trends: Petrol Station 2.0 – Where will the fuel of the future come from?

Not least because of political demands, billions are being invested in the development and production of electric vehicles. So far, however, there is no reliable network of corresponding charging stations, which is why these are becoming an object of sustainable desire – a new future market can look forward to gigantic demand!

Both conventional utility companies and industrial groups as well as some young startups are in the process of positioning themselves – read the new issue of CK * Trends to find out what opportunities are waiting for investors here!

Politicians have declared war on the conventional combustion engine and are demanding that the automotive industry switch to alternative drive technologies such as electric drives and fuel cells. The fact that an entire industry has to reinvent itself and that thousands of jobs are at stake seems to be consciously accepted by the decision-makers – for the sake of the climate, mind you, as it is often said.

The fact that the mining of the raw materials required for the production of lithium batteries or fuel cells does not pollute the environment to a lesser extent hardly seems to bother those responsible.

Nonetheless, it now seems certain that electromobility has finally shed its niche existence. Automotive companies invest billions in the development and production of electric vehicles. According to Bloomberg, millions of electric vehicles are expected to roll through the streets in the medium term. And so, as investors, we would do well to follow developments in electromobility closely and keep an eye out for attractive investment opportunities.

Without a complete charging infrastructure, the optimistic forecasts by Bloomberg & Co. will hardly come true. And so governments are finally addressing this issue, albeit still very hesitantly, and starting to set the course for the legal framework. Some companies have also already targeted the future market for charging stations. Conventional utility companies and industrial groups that expect fresh growth impulses from the new trend have already put out their feelers and are positioning themselves in the still young market.

But there are also some young startups who smell the morning air and want a piece of the pie. As always, in the course of the further development of the trend, many companies are founded that want to participate. Most of them will sooner or later – due to a lack of profitable and well thought-out business models – disappear again into irrelevance. However, the trend is still very young and there is still a long way to go before the exaggeration phase typical of many trends. Until then, good money can be made with the right stocks.

We are currently locating the trend in phase 2 – with the tendency to possibly ignite the next stage in the coming months. Phase 3 can be recognized by the fact that the media are paying more attention to the topic and charging station shares are increasingly being discussed in investor circles. Perhaps the stocks we are discussing in this study will also be among the high-flyers to come when the market in charging stations for electric vehicles senses the next big investment story.

Dr. As usual, Eike Wenzel put the trend through its paces and put the most important findings in one compact study summarized for you. This time, too, he came across some exciting companies that we were happy to put under the microscope for you, both fundamentally and technically.

A billion-dollar market is emerging that should be closely monitored. Let’s be curious how the topic will develop in the coming months and years.

Your Christof von Wenzl & the Cashkurs * Trends team

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