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Bitcoin, the ugly duckling of traditional finance

Bitcoin (BTC) is the enemy to be brought down, the source of absolute evil, the century’s greatest doomed scam, etc. : I think I summarized – barely exaggerating – the image of Bitcoin in the minds of traditional investors. Must there necessarily be convergence between the Old and the New Finance? Dinosaurs are currently struggling to open their borders – or their mindss – to welcome newcomers.

Madness serving the causes of Bitcoin

Fidelity Investment announced the creation of a fund Bitcoin, an initiative that was obviously seen as a possible positive signal as for the sentiment of traditional finance players towards the oldest of cryptos.

Many observers, like the CEO of Digital Assets Data, Mike Alfred, however, do not share this opinion: Alfred is convinced that players in traditional finance are deeply skeptical of Bitcoin and the cryptosphere in general.

A comment on the LinkedIn ofAlfred called the strategy Fidelity Investment as ” abby’s madness ”, Thus calling into question the decision of the CEO of Fidelity, Abigail Johnson.

Alfred believes, however, that skepticism and mistrust of Bitcoin could have the opposite effect by accelerating its adoption and increasing its price.

The actors of traditional finance will be forced to capitulate, constrained by their clients and their partners; they will have to engage in a Bitcoin which will then trade at a relatively high price.

Fidelity deceives traditional finance

Branch of Fidelity Investment dedicated to cryptocurrencies, the Fidelity Digital Assets, has made a name for itself in the safekeeping of cryptocurrencies.

Abigail Johnson is today one of the few people in traditional finance to have publicly positioned in favor of bitcoin.

The demand for the creation of this fund Bitcoin had been filed on August 26, 2020 with the Securities and Exchange Commission (DRY).

Few details on how the fund works Wise Origin Bitcoin Index Fund, are currently available.

But for Mike Alfred, Fidelity could be a pioneer and initiate serious consideration for the integration of Bitcoin in traditional finance.


Cryptoassets are highly volatile unregulated investment products. No EU investor protection. Your capital is at risk.

When will the armistice be signed and who will be the loser in this war between two schools of thought where the hopes of conciliation currently seem far away? Fidelity engages in a dangerous or courageous voice – it depends ; the question now is whether he is embarking on a long, solitary journey or whether he will be joined soon enough by fellow travelers.

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