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Exclusive union Verdi announces lawsuits against Wirecard

Website of the insolvent payment service provider Wirecard. imago images / Christian Ohde

There is now an insolvency administrator at the Wirecard headquarters in Aschheim, but the chaotic situation is apparently continuing. The latest example: In the large wave of layoffs announced by the insolvency administrator Michael Jaffé, several elected election boards and at least one pregnant woman were also given notice. The initiators of works council elections and women in pregnancy have statutory protection against dismissal.

According to the Verdi union, there were originally 18 disputed cases. Last week the union protested to representatives of the insolvency administrator, whereupon “in twelve cases the terminations or exemptions were reversed,” says Gregor Völkl from Verdi. A spokesman for Jaffé confirmed the incidents. “The terminations were based on the employee data transmitted from the personnel department of the insolvent company,” he said in writing. It was not until later that “it was found that the company’s data did not take into account pregnancy or membership in the electoral board for some employees who had been terminated,” it continues. Of course, the insolvency administrator does not stick to the terminations.

But in a total of six cases there was no agreement, as the Verdi union told Finance Forward. In the case of a pregnant woman, for example, the termination was withdrawn, but she is still released, it is said. Völkl announced that the union will now take the affected employees to the labor court. “We are convinced that there was no social plan and that the dismissals were therefore not legal,” the union secretary continued. In a social plan, for example, the length of service is taken into account.

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