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DeFi could make Bitcoin (BTC) outdated, according to Pantera Capital

All eyes are on DeFi which never ceases to surprise by constantly pushing the limits with its record performances. All of this, of course, led analysts to claim that she would eventually outsmart traditional finance by continuing this momentum. This time around, it is another economic juggernaut threatened by decentralized finance. Indeed, Dan Morehead –CEO and founder of the investment company Pantera is convinced that DeFi will outperform Bitcoin (BTC) in the next five years.

Bitcoin’s growth potential is relatively limited

It was during an interview with Cointelegraph that Mr. Morehead shared his prediction for the Defi and the leading cryptocurrency. He took the opportunity to highlight the poor performance of Pantera’s altcoin funds in 2019. However, the CEO of the investment company says this has been reversed, thanks to DeFi. The explosive growth of its protocols and tokens would have notably allowed Pantera to achieve very good figures in recent months.

In fact, the company’s digital asset fund posted an increase of 123% compared to the previous year at the end of August. The fund manager rightly attributes the merit of this improvement in DeFi to which enormous capital has continued to flow. At the same time, Mr. Morehead affirmed that Bitcoin has confirmed its digital gold status as an effective store of wealth. He therefore comes to the conclusion that the growth potential of cryptocurrency is relatively limited.

DeFi is more likely to grow 100 times in the next five years

Like others before him, the CEO of Pantera Also indulged in the Bitcoin price prediction game. ” It could go up to a million (…) but it is really the limit of the possible because that’s the $ 20 trillion; all the money on earth is only $ 100 trillion ” did he declare.

Conversely, DeFi which is much younger would be largely undervalued according to him because of its potential to disrupt traditional finance. It would therefore have a large room for growth to the point of exceeding in the near future the value of bitcoin. Mr. Morehead then declared that he is much more likely that the entire DeFi space will grow 100 times over the next five years than Bitcoin “.


Cryptoassets are highly volatile unregulated investment products. No EU investor protection. Your capital is at risk.

This is not the first analysis of the potential of DeFi and its impact on the rest of the industry although it comes much more from a personal opinion. The DeFi movement is still a recent phenomenon, and it is difficult to know what will actually happen to it. Everyone has their own prognosis, and what is certain is that the main centralized platforms are dedicated to it, like Binance!


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