Varta share: uptrend intact despite consolidation – what now? – Chart analysis

One thing is certain: the Varta share has not yet emerged from the most recent chart consolidation phase. The last price setback of EUR 138.70 on Thursday, reaching EUR 121.70, did not come close to the previous consolidation low of EUR 116.70 on September 3. But the rather small fluctuations in a sideways range of the last three days show that the bulls still have to do something here to resume the uptrend that has prevailed since the Corona crash.

The good technical chart news about the Varta share: This uptrend has not yet been broken despite the turbulent developments in Varta’s share price, especially on September 3rd. The overall situation is thus – at least overriding – still bullish. If the Varta share succeeds in breaking out of the consolidation, a new attempt could be made in the direction of the top zone, which ranges between EUR 129.10 / EUR 132.30 and EUR 138.70. A rise above 126.80 euros would be a first step on this journey.

If there are no buy signals, however, the risk of greater consolidation increases – after all, the value of the Varta share has more than doubled since the Corona crash low of 50.50 euros on March 16. The first supports are available at 121.70 / 122.80 euros and 118.80 / 120.30 euros, but strong support for Varta’s share price can be found above all at 115.00 / 116.70 euros.


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