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Ivory Coast: Atlantique Assurance vie strengthens “Cdc- Epargne-Diaspora” with the supplementary retirement component

Following the signing of an agreement between the Caisse de dépôt et de consignation de Côte d’Ivoire (Cdc-CI) and the Association of Ivorian International Civil Servants (Af2i), Lassina Fofana, Director General of the Cdc-CI, has just formalized another partnership agreement, this time with Atlantique Assurance-Vie, headed by Estelle Tagnongoh Traoré.

A partnership signing between the two parties took place this Tuesday, September 15, in the business center in Plateau. As part of the “Cdc-Epargne-Diaspora” project, this agreement, according to the Director General of the Cdc-CI, gives concrete form to the supplementary retirement component and other insurance benefits linked to this new product intended for the diaspora.

The choice of Atlantique Assurance Vie is due to its professionalism and reputation, said Lassina Fofana. “We are here to finalize the work of this agreement with products that are intended to be innovative,” said Estelle Tagnongoh Traoré. Through its range of death, life annuity and retirement savings plans, the subsidiary of the Atlantique international business group (Abi), together with the Fund, wants to satisfy their common client, who is the diaspora. Without forgetting to remind the diaspora that the Cdc-CI, as an institution responsible for ensuring the conservation and secure management of public and private funds, will be a boon, when it is ready to return home.

As a reminder, the “Cdc Epargne Diaspora” product combines several components, namely free savings available increased by interest, access to financing for real estate projects and additional retirement savings in Côte d’Ivoire in order to facilitate the return of Ivorians from the diaspora in Côte d’Ivoire.


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