Coreo: Rejection of the bond

Coreo’s bond issue will not take place in the form envisaged. The real estate company cancels the issue of the bond. Investor interest was not high enough. As of now, a bond volume of around 10 million euros would have been achieved, but the goal was 30 million euros. Two anchor investors had already made major subscription commitments of over 8 million euros. The public has largely ignored the Coreo bond.

Coreo’s bond should have had a volume of up to 30 million euros. The planned term was five years, and the bond should earn interest at 6.75 percent.

Instead of the bond, the Frankfurters are now looking for alternative financing options. One investor and the two anchor investors want to provide the company with 30 million euros. The relevant conditions are currently being negotiated. Thereafter, a bond will be issued as part of a private placement.

After the public issue was canceled, it could become more difficult for Coreo to place a bond in the normal market in the near future. The market doesn’t seem too interested.


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