Bridagier Gold: High gold and silver grades in samples of Picachos!

Already want in the next few days Brigadier Gold (WKN A2DNV3 / TSXV BRG) begin drilling for high grade gold and silver mineralization on its Picachos project in Mexico. In advance, the company reports brand new high gold and silver grades from samples from the project, which lies right between the high-grade discoveries by Vizsla Resources and GR Silver Mining!

These results are obtained from rock samples from two major vein systems named Garabato and El Pino, located in the northeastern portion of Picacho’s gold and silver property. The oxidized quartz sulphide cores on Garabato correspond to a polymetallic soil anomaly and show considerable concentrations of silver, gold and sometimes copper.

At El Pino, historical work has uncovered four quartz sulphide veins, with El Pino West being the largest vein in this group and being traced over 650 meters at the surface between sampling sites 31 and 33.

High gold and silver grades in first samples

And the results of the first rock samples look very promising! Brigadier pointed to Garabato, among other things, 160 g / t silver and 0.6 g / t gold over 7 meters, 205 g / t silver and 0.2 g / t gold over 3 meters, and 6.6 g / t gold and 356 g / t silver over 0.5 meters!

Brigadier also reports excellent first results from El Pino, including 1.99 g / t gold and 98 g / t silver as well as 56.7 g / t gold and 288 g / t silver over 0.2 meters each! There is also, for example, a somewhat thicker section of 1 meter in length, in which the company detected 21.3 g / t gold and 5 g / t silver!

All in all, these are excellent conditions for the future when the drill bits on Picachos start to turn. Brigadier plans to pursue a similar strategy in exploring Picachos as its neighbors Vizsla and GR Silver, which already have a sensational course performance. The first diamond core drilling program on Picachos, which could begin at any time, is expected to extend over 5,000 meters (approximately 40 holes) and target the same high-grade gold and silver veins as Garabato and El Pino have now proven.

We are very excited about these first wells, especially considering the excellent results of the samples reported today! We believe that should Brigadier Gold be successful with the first drill holes on Picachos, there could be a significant appreciation from current levels – if you look at how Vizsla and GR Silver reacted after the initial discoveries were published.

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