Blockchain to help the climate? The European leader WPO launches its ICO GreenTokens to Accelerate the Energy Transition!

WPO launches its ICO GreenTokens for the Energy Transition

Paris, September 8, 2020 – The European group WPO today launches its Public Token Offer (ICO) GreenTokens. WPO is the leading independent European platform for asset management and specialized renewable energy services. The WPO ICO will take place from September 8 to November 12, 2020. It is the first operation in the energy sector to obtain a visa from the Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF Visa N ° # ICO.20- 189, issued May 12, 2020).


WPO overview

Founded in 2008, WPO is a group at the service of green energy who oversees today the equivalent of the electricity consumption of the population of Paris. Specialized inoptimization of renewable energy production through a full range of technical, commercial and financial expertise, WPO contributes to increasing the share of renewable energies in the European electricity mix.

Blockchain, a key tool to support changes in the energy sector

In the current climatic context which upsets the environmental and societal balances, Energy Transition must continue and accelerate. The Blockchain, stands out as a relevant technology in this acceleration. Its properties of transparency and of traceability as well as his decentralized operation are essential to support changes in the energy sector.

Building on the Blockchain for certify events of renewable energy production to its customers, WPO has already been working for almost three years to lay the foundations for a new management mode corresponding more to the decentralization and nature intermittent renewable energy, the basis of the energy of tomorrow.

Presentation of the WPO project, helping the development of renewable energies through its GreenTokens token

An offer to the public of tokens to accelerate the Energy Transition

In view of this transformation, WPO open a Public offering of tokens (ICO), via a new digital asset: the token GreenToken. This operation launched by WPO on September 8, 2020 and which will be closed on November 12, 2020 is the first in the sector to be approved by the Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF).

As part of this operation, WPO has the objective of raising up to 10 million euros to accelerate the energy transition. Details of the operation are described in the Information Document.

Barthélémy Rouer, CEO and founder of WPO comments:


Our Public Offer aims to change scale by deploying the token GreenToken to all professional players in the energy sector, as well as to individuals. We thus wish to build a new European multiservice platform – intelligent and fluid – management of our energy data, based on Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence, adapted to the intermittent and decentralized nature of renewable energies “.

From November 23, 2020 and in accordance with the Information Document, 15 million GreenTokens, digital assets qualified as utility tokens will be issued.

From December 1, 2020, the tokens GreenTokens will be able to exchange freely on the French platform SAVITAR or directly within the GreenToken Network.

Information on the WPO project and its ICO GreenTokens

4 initial uses for a European energy platform
smart and fluid

Tokens GreenTokens open up new fields of possibilities and business models to all the players who decide to be part of the network.

Holding tokens GreenTokens will give access to four uses, virtuous and recognized as useful, corresponding to certificates registered in the Blockchain : the ” GoCerts “:

  1. Be a means of payment theme of Energy Transition
  2. Allow the electricity trading, disintermediated and in short circuit
  3. Issue High Reliability certificates evidence of transparency and the traceability of Energetic transition.
  4. Allow the predictive maintenance and the empowerment of insurance and guarantees

Members of the GreenToken network will be able to come up with other uses to broaden token adoption and create innovative business models that will accelerate the Energy Transition.

“We have intentionally designed this project in an inclusive model that will allow the GreenToken to gain autonomy as it reaches key players in the energy sector. The energy transition is a global challenge and it is only together that we can make a difference “

Barthélémy Rouer, CEO and founder of WPO.


Since the AMF implemented its visa for ICOs, few applicants have obtained it. WPO is the first company in its field to achieve this, a guarantee of the seriousness of the project. It seems that cryptocurrency, Blockchain and ecology are more interrelated topics than ever!


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