Massive buy signals first for gold and now for silver

Dear readers,

In the past few months I have also reported to you at this point about massive long-term buy signals for gold and later also for gold mining stocks. As you probably know, the gold price rose sharply afterwards.

Big gains with gold and mining stocks

My analyzes come to the conclusion that the gold bull market will continue. And with my gold price range indicator I give the readers of my stock market letter Crisis-Safe Investing an instrument for recognizing excellent medium-term oriented entry and exit signals.

My price range indicator shows you the way

For example, at the beginning of August the gold price reached the second upper price range for the first time in this bull market, which was then at $ 2,050 per ounce. That was my medium-term price target. Then, as expected, the usual correction began. Their price target is the so-called signal line of my price range indicator, which we pay close attention to in order to recognize the probable end of the correction.

Gold price per ounce in $, 2018 to 2020

Gold is still in the early stages of a long-term bull market with great profit potential.


The bull market has also started for silver

In the past few weeks, my long-term indicators have also given silver as strong buy signals as for gold. The two precious metals are now back in step, which I see as further confirmation of the long-term bull market.

In my next Crisis-Safe Investing thematic focus issue, which will be published at the end of September, I will go into detail on silver and the silver bull market. My analyzes come to the conclusion that silver will have the edge in the next upward wave of precious metals. Then you can expect big profits on selected silver mining stocks.

Interestingly, so far, relatively few silver mining stocks are showing all-round bullish charts. This reflects the fact that silver is usually a by-product of the extraction of other metals. Therefore, you should be very selective when choosing stocks. Roland Leuschel and I will be happy to assist you with our crisis-proof investing stock market letter – test it now for 30 days free of charge.

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Claus Vogt, Editor-in-Chief of Crisis-Safe Investing

P.S .: The expected turnaround has occurred on the general stock markets. Due to the extreme overvaluation, the downside potential is enormous.

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