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In these countries, nurses are paid the best

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If the salary is an expression of recognition, it often looks miserable in systemically relevant professions. That was shown again in the Corona crisis. During the pandemic, those affected risked their health for their fellow human beings (more than usual), sometimes voluntarily, sometimes by force. There were often wages for the work that others would not even leave the home office for.

According to the Federal Statistical Office, many people in systemically important occupations earn significantly less than the average monthly salary of 3327 euros for skilled workers. But the wage gap is also large internationally. This can be seen when comparing the salaries of nurses in OECD countries. In the statistics of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, the range extends from 28,000 to 114,000 euros per year.

On the one hand, this reflects the large differences in international salary levels. However, if one compares the average salary of nursing staff at hospitals with that of the respective population as a whole, it shows how differently well female nurses are paid. In many countries it is only enough for a little more than the general average income. In some states, however, nurses earn almost twice as much.

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