Government wants to limit the company’s power

He is considered the Corona winner: the US online retailer Amazon. Stationary shops, on the other hand, were left behind. Economics minister Peter Altmaier now wants to take countermeasures – and control online companies more closely.

Federal Minister of Economics Peter Altmaier wants to take stronger action against large Internet companies and change competition law for them. In the virus crisis, for example, online trading once again gained in importance and in some cases gained considerable market power.

“We are taking up that,” said the CDU politician in Berlin on Wednesday. He spoke of a milestone that would make competition law more modern. Medium-sized companies and consumers would benefit from this.

The cabinet had previously decided the planned changes in competition law. The draft law is now going to the Bundestag. It is expected that the discussions there will be concluded this year.

Cartel office should get more rights

The changes – the so-called 10th GWB amendment – are intended to facilitate competition between online companies and strengthen the cartel office. The Bonn authority should be able to determine a dominant position of companies in the future more easily, which is aimed at giants like Google, Amazon and Facebook.

The handling of user data should also be given greater consideration by the Cartel Office. In addition, users should generally be able to take their data with them to other platforms more easily. The aim is also for the Cartel Office to concentrate on controlling larger mergers in the digital sector.


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