Defama: Radeberg’s future is clear

Defama has decided the fate of the Silberberg Center Radeberg. The mall is not being sold. It remains in Defama’s portfolio. This means that other considerations are no longer necessary. The center is currently being rebuilt and the opening is scheduled for the beginning of November.

Defama had purchase offers from several interested parties for the shopping center. With a sale one could have booked a positive one-off effect in the high single-digit million range. At the same time, however, you also have various loan offers for long-term refinancing of the measure from banks on the table. With the company listed in m: access, it is assumed that more than 3 million euros in additional liquid funds can be released from it. These are to be used for further acquisitions.

With the current liquid funds and the inflows from the refinancing, Defama can further increase the annualized FFO, an important parameter of the company. According to calculations by the company, it can rise from the current EUR 1.52 to more than EUR 2.00. A capital increase and thus a dilution of the existing shareholders would not be necessary for this.

The shares of Defama are quoted unchanged in the afternoon at 18.80 euros.


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