Deutsche Post is also on strike on Friday – almost all federal states are affected

Even on Friday, many Germans receive neither letters nor parcels. The Verdi union extends its post strike. In almost all federal states, employees stop working.

In the collective bargaining dispute at Deutsche Post, Verdi is increasing the pressure: On Thursday, employees in eleven federal states went on strike, and the strike should continue on Friday. According to the Post, the transport of around 1.3 million letters and 130,000 parcels were affected by the warning strike by Thursday noon. The consequences of the strike were thus more noticeable than on Wednesday.

On the first day of the warning strikes, Swiss Post spoke of around 265,000 affected letters and 8,000 parcels and described the effects as “manageable”. She promised to deliver the delayed shipments in the regions more affected by the warning strikes in the coming days.

Deutsche Post intends to submit an offer shortly

Verdi had started the warning strikes on Wednesday. The union wants to emphasize its demand for income increases for the approximately 140,000 employees of the Post by 5.5 percent. Verdi justified the demand, among other things, with the good business situation of the Post.

During the negotiations so far, the union had gained the impression that the Post only wanted to offer income improvements of 1.5 percent. The company intends to submit an offer at the next round of negotiations on September 21 and 22. A disproportionate increase for the lower wage groups is conceivable, said Personnel Director Thomas Ogilvie.

16,000 parcels not delivered in Hamburg alone

According to Verdi, the main strikes were distribution centers, parcel bases and delivery centers. The delivery was also affected. There were campaigns in the federal states of Hamburg, Baden-Württemberg, Bremen, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Lower Saxony, North Rhine-Westphalia, Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt, Berlin, Brandenburg and Bavaria.

In Lower Saxony, according to Verdi, at least 1,400 employees should take part and stop work in two waves during the day. In Hamburg it was possible to prevent the delivery of up to 16,000 parcels, said the Verdi department manager there, Lars-Uwe Rieck.

A Verdi spokesman in North Rhine-Westphalia countered fears that the warning strikes could hinder the return of postal votes in local elections. Delays in the delivery of letters are quickly made up. In addition, the emptying of the mailboxes was not on strike. With regard to the postal vote, the postal spokesman emphasized that one would “try to prevent any impairment caused by the strikes”. In NRW, local parliaments, mayors and district administrators are elected on Sunday.

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