Südzucker: CropEnergies drives the share

In the past four weeks, Südzucker’s shares rose around 18 percent. Above all, the development at CropEnergies is driving the course. In the CropEnergies division, the prospects have clearly improved. The price of ethanol continues to rise, which is positive for CropEnergies’ figures. Demand should remain high over the course of the year. This means that there may be a higher forecast in this area over the course of the year.

The analysts from Independent Research expect earnings per share of EUR 0.80 (previously: EUR 0.77) for Südzucker for 2020/2021. In the coming financial year it should be 1.32 euros. At Südzucker, the financial year ends on February 28th.

As before, the experts have issued a recommendation to hold Südzucker papers. The price target was previously at EUR 15.30. In today’s study it rises to 17.50 euros.

Südzucker shares gain 0.4 percent this morning to EUR 16.98.

At a glance – chart and news: Südzucker

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