Powercell share – what can happen here: Decisive chart phase – chart analysis

In terms of the chart, the Powercell share is disappointing: During the course of the day, the stock already reached 23.92 euros, but is currently only 22.98 euros – a decrease of 1.29 percent. As a result, the share price of the Swedish fuel cell company has ricocheted downwards, as it did on September 3, at a resistance level around the EUR 24 mark.

The brand is thus further strengthening itself as a short-term trend-setting brand, which could confirm a potential trend reversal after the price slide from 36.50 euros to 20.88 euros. To do this, Powercell’s share price needs a stable breakout over this zone – and thus a strong new buy signal. If the jump succeeds, the Powercell share could go up in the direction of 27.48 / 28.20 euros, where the next strong resistance zone is present.

If the breakout does not occur, there is a threat that the recent downward movement will continue, especially if the chart-technical supports are undercut at EUR 20.88 / EUR 21.04 and EUR 20.15 / 20.32.

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