Vegetarian Butcher Announces Vegan Buggets Burger King and Plant-Based Whopper

Vegetarian Butcher CEO Hugo Verkuil writes enthusiastically on social: ‘Hello meat lovers! We are proud to announce the new plant-based Whopper and Plant-based Nuggets at Burger King, powered by The Vegetarian Butcher. This is our next step in winning the hearts of meat lovers around the world. It’s also another step in the greatest food revolution of all time! Available in Germany, starting this week. ‘

In the Netherlands, earth rival McDonald’s is now also making progress with vegetable nuggets (see below). For example, two food brands are following the new consumer insights and join forces for a more sustainable offer. The ‘Chicken Pieces’ from the Vegetarian Butcher are now one of the classics in the retail channel and appear to be chicken substitutes that can compete with ‘animal’ chicken in terms of taste. When the price of vegetable falls below that of animal meat and the taste is at least as good, a tipping point is expected in the market.


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