New season Roadtrippers from Mentos in collaboration with Towel and StukTV

V.l.n.r. in the photo: Thomas van der Vlugt, Giel de Winter and Stefan Jurriens

The format Roadtrippers on StukTV is part of the seven-year collaboration between Mentos Kauwgum, Towel Media and StukTV. This year’s campaign objective is to create awareness about the Mentos Chewing gum mini pots, within the younger target group.


Roadtrippers’, on the StukTV YouTube channel, has reached an average of one million viewers per episode for years. In Roadtrippers, two teams, in eight episodes, cover as the crow flies as possible from the starting point, all with a limited emergency budget and a few cameras. Every year Team Stuk, consisting of Giel de Winter, Thomas van der Vlugt and Stefan Jurriens, competes against a different team of celebrities. This season they are Bizzey, Rijk Hofman and Iris Enthoven. Due to Covid-19, the format has received a number of adjustments this year. Where the teams used to hitchhike the kilometers, this year they have a TukTuk at their disposal.

Campaign Mentos Chewing Gum

Mentos Chewing Gum launched the Mentos Chewing Gum mini pots at the beginning of this year. A small jar of gum for on the go. The business objective of this renewed collaboration is to generate awareness for the Mentos Kauwgum brand and the mini pot within the StukTV target group. This year an extension was added, with the Radio 538 listener in the program Weekend Wietze has a chance of winning one Fresh Experience. With this complementary media effort, StukTV viewers and Radio 538 listeners, just like the participating Roadtrippers teams, literally have a chance to step out of their comfort zone in a controversial fresh way.
Paul Cudok, Product Manager Mentos Chewing Gum: “It has been a challenging year, also for Mentos Chewing gum. I am therefore extra proud of this 7th season Roadtrippers, in which the latest introduction Mentos Chewing Gum Mini Jars occupy a nice place. The result of the many years of cooperation and the wide reach of StukTV is also reflected in the brand power of Mentos Kauwgum among young people. The series offers us the opportunity to load both brand values ​​and product awareness into cool content, which has been embraced by the target group for years. The extension of the campaign with Fresh Experiences on Radio 538 is a good example of how two means can reinforce each other. “
Geerjanne Bronkhorst, Head of On Demand Content Towel: “After a number of uncertain months, in which we constantly had to be flexible with this year’s Roadtrippers plans, we succeeded! I am extremely proud of the team, and grateful for the loyalty of Mentos Kauwgum, that thanks to our good cooperation and teamwork, we were able to put together a very nice series. “

The first episode of Roadtrippers:

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