Exasol share: Newcomer to the stock market on the way to new buy signals? – Chart analysis

In the last few days, an interesting chart situation has developed for the Exasol share. The newcomer to the stock market has developed a technically important signal line in the area around 14.00 / 14.50 euros, which was tested as a support mark on August 21 and September 4. Both times, Exasol’s share price could bounce up. In the course of August it went up to 17.90 / 18.00 euros. The IT title was currently able to “only” move up to 15.87 euros, which is reached today. However, yesterday it went up to 15.86 euros. The Exasol share is currently trading just below the daily high.

In terms of the chart, there are still chances to go up, but the area around yesterday’s high and the zone at 16.35 / 16.70 euros should be classified as obstacles. This means that further buy signals are necessary for the Exasol share in order to reach the recovery high from the end of August. Meanwhile, the support between 14.00 euros and 14.50 / 14.56 euros remains important for the share price in the event of a setback in the paper.

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