Voltabox: Doubts about the prognosis

Voltabox published figures for the first half of the year before the weekend. The supplier’s turnover declined by 70.5 percent to 9.5 million euros (previous year: 32.1 million euros). The EBITDA decreased from +0.4 million euros to -10.7 million euros. There are impairments and depreciation of 11.3 million euros. The EBIT is therefore at -21.9 million euros. That is a new minus record.

For the year as a whole, the company continues to expect sales of EUR 25 million to EUR 45 million. The EBITDA margin should be a maximum of -6 percent. At least the EBITDA forecast seems difficult to achieve. Even with a balanced result in the second half of the year, the margin would be -23.8 percent if the upper end of the sales range is realized.

For the analysts at FMR there is currently no reliable basis for a recommendation due to the current corporate development and the available information. Accordingly, the rating of the Voltabox share is still “under observation”. Previously there had been a stop recommendation. The same applies to the share price target. This is also currently suspended.

Voltabox shares gain 1.3 percent in the morning to 3.425 euros.


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