LSE demands up to 3.7 billion for Borsa Italiana

Building of the Italian Stock Exchange


According to an Italian newspaper report, according to insiders, there is apparently movement in the sale of Borsa Italiana on the London Stock Exchange. Deutsche Börse is likely to be one of the potential buyers who can bid until Friday.

D.he London Stock Exchange (LSE) wants to generate between 3.3 billion euros and 3.7 billion euros in a possible sale of its Italian subsidiary. Those interested in Borsa Italiana would have until Friday to submit their bids, the Italian newspaper Milano Finanza (MF) reported on Tuesday, citing people familiar with the matter.

The LSE may have to part with parts of the Italian stock exchange or the whole company because of the planned takeover of the data provider Refinitiv, which costs $ 27 billion. At the end of July, the LSE announced that in connection with the examination of the refinitive purchase by the European Commission, talks about the sale of the platform for trading government bonds MTS, which belongs to Borsa Italiana, or the Italian stock exchange operator as a whole had started. However, this does not have to mean that there will also be a transaction.

Before that, LSE had always emphasized that it did not want to part with the Italian subsidiary, which it bought in 2007, or parts of it. Nevertheless, there had been repeated speculation that the Londoners would have to give up all or part of the business in Italy as a condition for approving the takeover. The European stock exchange operator Euronext is considered a hot prospect.

Deutsche Börse could also be interested. At least the CEO Theodor Weimer had expressed interest at the balance sheet press conference in February. Deutsche Börse wants to grow primarily from its own resources, but is also relying on takeovers. Above all, Weimer wants to expand business outside the equity segment, such as foreign exchange trading, in order to reduce its dependence on fluctuations there. In this respect, the MTS platform could be a good fit, the Italian stock exchange as a whole less so. Another interested party is the Six Swiss Exchange.

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