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BlockchainSushi Swap – Millions Scam at DeFi Hope?

Only the pseudonym Chef Nomi is known about the inventor of SushiSwapAaron Lee / Unsplash

The crypto community’s Twitter and Reddit accounts were running hot on Saturday. At first glance, everything looked like an exit scam like during the ICO boom of 2017: The developer of the up-and-coming crypto exchange Sushi Swap had sold all of its tokens in one fell swoop and was around $ 13 million richer. The tokens of the sushi swap project, which had only gone live ten days earlier, subsequently lost 88 percent of their value.

It was an alarm signal for the crypto world, especially since not even the identity of the SushiSwap inventor is known. He calls himself Chef Nomi, after a character from the computer games World of Warcraft and Hearthstone.

Boss Nomi subsequently did not behave like a typical crypto criminal: He did not go into hiding, but asserted on Twitter that he still believed in the crypto exchange. On Sunday he passed control of SushiSwap to another CEO.

So what happened? And what’s next for the hyped project? The full story read today on Finance Forward, the new finance portal from and OMR. You can register for the daily newsletter here.


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