‘KoopdeHema’ raises money for a stable future for Hema

For example, the foundation wants it to be possible for everyone to become a shareholder of Hema: a popular share. The aim is to offer the typically Dutch company a sustainable, stable future with a view to the interests of employees, customers and other stakeholders of the company. HENA is a so-called Special Purpose Acquisition Company (SPAC) that aims to raise capital and thus acquire an interest in Hema. HENA Foundation, arose from the citizens’ initiatives HoudeHema and WeloveHema works together with stock exchange platform Nxchange.

Vote in the business
Mei Li Vos, initiator of HENA: ‘Like many other Dutch people, I have been amazed in recent years at what happened to Hema and how it has become the plaything of investors without a feeling for the iconic aspect of our Hema. With this unique initiative we are going to raise several millions with many small and large investors. If our initiative is successful, we will become a co-shareholder of Hema. This gives us a voice in the company and thus influence its future. The bitter thing is that everyone had hoped that with the arrival of Marcel Boekhoorn in 2018, peace would come back to Hema. He has also taken steps towards much-needed debt reduction and has partnered with Jumbo. We want to continue the debt reduction. ‘

According to Vos, it is quite possible that under the current circumstances Hema will once again function as an ATM for opportunistic private equity investors: ‘We want to use our Purchased Theme show that there is an alternative: our patient capital. ‘

Building the future of Hema
Financial expert of HENA, Anna Grebenchtchikova, explains how the foundation will make an offer to the future owner of Hema after the financial restructuring process: ‘We are launching KoopdeHema to raise money, so that we can to buy. In this way we want to influence the course of the company together. By purchasing certificates in our initiative, everyone can build a stable future for Hema. In addition to ordinary citizens, other stakeholders can also join.

The uniqueness of Hema
Retail specialist Sabien Duetz mentions the added value that the initiative has in addition to the financial contribution: ‘In the past few months, 15,000 people have registered as potential investors in Hema. She knows better than anyone where Hema’s strength lies: Nice own products of good quality for a competitive price. Hema is loved and profitable. By focusing on the home market, an eye for sustainability in combination with a smart e-commerce strategy, we can ensure a Hema where it is not only about turnover and profit, but about preserving this great company. ‘

Exchange platform Nxchange
The issue of certificates takes place on Nxchange’s regulated multilateral trading platform. Everyone can register for certificates of Hema shares via this exchange platform from 7 September 2020. The minimum subscription amount is 10 euros. For amounts invested below 100,000, the public can register up to a maximum of 4,999,995 euros. There is no maximum for investors who want to invest more than 100,000 euros. If the HENA foundation fails to acquire Hema shares, the investors will get their investment back.

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