Do you already have an influencer on board?

When looking for an agency as a company, brand or institution, do other criteria apply today than in the past? A thinker, because at first sight you would think no. I want to be the most important customer at my new agency. So are there enough hours available, can one deliver top quality, creativity is super important, process or organization counts and of course the rates. But there could be another important aspect.

Does the agency have influencers on board? Experts who keep blogs, vlogs or pods and who do not hide their knowledge and opinion. Experts who occasionally speak on stages, write for trade journals and know what the trends are. Experts who can make a significant contribution to the work requested, and who in turn can receive support in their work on social media. This way the knife can cut on both sides. Agencies with a smart marketing strategy and no bite-snap policy. Every agency is of course unique. But how unique is unique? Shouting the same thing others shout is not unique.

It’s amazing how some agencies are neglecting themselves and still flaunting outdated websites and old news, even the client list isn’t up to date.

What does that say about such a market party? Sometimes customers are mentioned what has been worked for in the gray past. If it is not there, such a customer list is fake news. Such a thing is no longer possible in this day and age.

At the large companies that are looking for a new agency, you have special departments that are 100 percent engaged in purchasing and screen a lot to the bid. Rightly so, especially nowadays. Before you connect and surrender you want to know with whom or what. In addition to creativity, this is about continuity and solvency. No easy task these days. What do employees’ employment contracts look like. Have they just been on board, are contracts expiring soon?

What a nag you may think. I do not think so. We now live in a time when the relationship between client and agency is becoming crucial. Agencies need to map out much better how they can distinguish themselves, how customers are served, and especially whether the whole team is aware of the authenticity of the agency. What are the risks of the organization today? Working remotely, for example. How does that tie in with the culture that you want to radiate as an agency? Being successful starts with people. Taking responsibility, but also being able to work together. With customers and colleagues. What are the motivations of employees, of the agency and how can you work together with a client who is looking for new opportunities.

But as an agency you should not bury your head in the sand. One conclusion could be that you can no longer make it with your current team, that you need people with different competences

The crisis makes it virtually impossible to predict how the economy will be next year. Influencer, blogger or vlogger, who knows. But as an agency you should not bury your head in the sand. One conclusion could be that you can no longer make it with your current team, that you need people with different competences. Muddling through is unwise. Because we live in a different time. Also your customers and potential customers. As an agency, realize that ultimately those customers and potential customers are the saving angels. If you don’t take action and shout from the tower that you’re in a new coat, they’ll never hear it. Jump on the moving train of this new era now.


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