The new private jet for families – fuel-efficient and affordable

A private jet for individuals and families: This is what Otto Aviation is promising with its new aircraft. It looks something like an egg – and is supposed to revolutionize aviation.

Ultra-light, ultra-cheap, ultra-economical: This is how the aircraft of the future should be. The US company Otto Aviation has now officially presented a new model that should meet these requirements: the Celera 500L.

“We believe the Celera 500L is the greatest thing that has happened to both the aviation and travel industries in the past 50 years,” said a press release. The aircraft offers space for six passengers and should also be able to be chartered by families and individuals – at the prices of conventional flights.This is how the Celera 500L should look in the interior. (Source: t-online / Otto Aviation)This is what the Celera 500L should look like in the interior. (Source: Otto Aviation / t-online)

It still takes until delivery

The secret of the plane lies mainly in its unusual shape – a kind of egg. This should make it particularly aerodynamic and fuel-efficient. It is powered by a propeller at the stern.

The range should be more than 7,300 kilometers, the flight speed should be around 720 kilometers per hour. The company puts operating costs at around 280 euros per hour – conventional business jets are six times as much.

But it will take some time before it hits the market. So far, the aircraft has completed 31 test flights. The aircraft should receive the necessary approval by 2023 – delivery should then begin two years later.

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