People talk about money: financial tips for couples

Finance tips for couples
Money can be a sensitive issue in a relationship. However, experts advise openness.unsplash

# 1 Oath of disclosure

When it comes to financial matters, partners shouldn’t keep secrets from each other. At least that’s what the experts at the National Foundation for Credit Counseling (NFCC) think. The largest nonprofit financial advisory organization in the United States by its own account advises couples instead to be completely transparent about income, expenses, debts and assets.

# 2 People talk about money

Disclosing the financial details is not enough. According to the experts, couples should get into the habit of always talking frankly about money. It may turn out that one partner puts money on the high edge every month, while the other prefers to spend every available euro. That may be okay, but the relationships should be clear. This is especially true if a couple wants to save for a larger investment (house, car, child).

# 3 create a budget

Many couples combine their finances in one account. Others prefer separate bookkeeping. Every couple has to decide for themselves. In the opinion of the NFCC, one thing should always be done together: planning the household budget. The organization advises that the listing of all income and expenses is the best way to get a clear picture of the common finances.

# 4 Define savings goals

Those who want to keep control of their finances can save for certain expenses. According to the NFCC, this starts with a money-saving pot for the weekly date and extends to the long annual vacation and family planning. Couples should therefore determine how much they want or have to set aside each month for their respective expenses.

# 5 Individual expenses

A couple is still made up of two individuals. It can be helpful if everyone is allowed to reserve money for their own expenses that do not have to be discussed with the partner.


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