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Staking is the cryptocurrency investment formula of the moment, and it has been well understood by the executives of the Bitcoin exchange and cryptoassets After the non-binding offer of Basic Attention Token (BAT) Soft Staking, the exchange has just made another service available to its users. The Stake-to-Take program now available on the exchange will allow them to obtain CRO rewards for their transactions on the platform. Naturally, there are several other benefits available to users as is customary with the exchange. Explanations. Note that by going through this link (or by entering the code TCT50), you will receive $ 50 in CRO as a welcome gift by registering on the platform.

Warning : this article is offered to you in partnership with Any crypto investment carries risk of loss and should only be approached with caution and fully informed.

The more you invest in CRO, the more discounts you get

This sentence alone could sum up the new staking service presented by in its blog post published on August 31st. By subscribing to the latter, you have the possibility of recover up to 0.1% of fees paid during the various transactions on the platform. These additional discounts in the form of discounts thus increase according to the CRO amount involved. Of course, you will need to have paid your CRO costs to be eligible. The second advantage of this operation is that the minimum requirement for staking has been halved from 10,000 CRO to 5,000.

Thus, the rebate on transaction fees for the basic investment was set at 0.005% and double from 10,000 CRO involved. This principle applies for the next two levels with respective face-offs of at least 50,000 and 100,000 CRO. To achieve 0.1% discounts, it will be necessary to invest at least 50 million CROs. Although the offer is already available, it does not apply to residents of the United States, China or Hong Kong. The various steps to take to benefit from the advantages of this offer were presented to the public using illustrative images in order to make things perfectly intelligible.

$ 100,000 Bitcoin Giveaway launched on Twitter

This is by no means a scam despite the complexity these days of associating the keywords “Bitcoin + Twitter” … but it isa marketing campaign initiated by to promote the Stake to Take program. It is thus planned to reward 100 participants who will share a prize of 100,000 US dollars in Bitcoin. Each of them will therefore pocket the sum of $ 1,000 by following the rules set out in this campaign. As an initial condition, it will of course be necessary to have a Twitter account and another on the exchange.

The prizes will be passed on to the beneficiaries in the form of a deposit on the latter within two weeks of the competition period. It runs from August 31 to September 30, 2020. The announcement states that ” the value of bitcoin on the application at the time of the price distribution will be used as the reference price “. To know all the rules relating to this campaign and to participate in it, you just have to go through this link.

With all the advantages defined around the offer, clearly intends to position itself as the exchange of choice to take your first steps in staking.


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