Nanogate: Insolvency proceedings are ongoing

News from Nanogate: On September 1, 2020, the responsible district court in Saarbrücken opened insolvency proceedings for the company’s assets. “The same applies to the ongoing proceedings at the subsidiaries Nanogate Management Services GmbH, Nanogate PD Systems GmbH, Nanogate Neunkirchen GmbH, Nanogate Kierspe GmbH and Nanogate NRW GmbH,” said the Saarland company on Friday. The first creditors’ meeting of the insolvency proceedings will also take place today.

Nanogate’s insolvency proceedings are in self-administration, the trustee is the judicial advisor Günter Staab, who has already held the post for the time being. They are working with the restructuring experts Matthias Bayer and Franz Abel on restructuring measures and an insolvency plan, according to the company. “The completion of the annual financial statements for the 2019 financial year and the finalization of the audit are only possible after the insolvency plan has been submitted,” said Nanogate.

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