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Even if the gap is gradually narrowing, there is still a big difference between the French and English communities developing around Bicoin and cryptocurrencies. If the industry has developed around Shakespeare’s language, it is naturally because it is the language with the greatest international reach. However, this barrier is still a handicap to a more massive membership of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in some countries. Major players in the sector, the exchanges seem to decide to remedy this, as evidenced by the latest action from The platform has indeed just launched the French version of its application, but also of its exchange platform.

Accelerate the world’s transition to cryptocurrencies

The initiative taken by is actually aiming to accomplish this mission as discussed in the blog post announcing the news. It is in this context that the exchange deployed its card in 31 European markets last April triggering growth in the number of users on the continent. It should be remembered that the company has solid arguments to convince the public to join it. These include competitive rates, unprecedented cashback rewards when purchasing with the card, and the ability to purchase gift cards for top brands across Europe using cryptocurrency.

The feedback has proven to be particularly beneficial for since its application has reached the top 50 in the Finance category in France, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom with ever increasing popularity. It didn’t take much for his team to strengthen its regulatory compliance for crypto payments in Europe. There is also launched local communities on Telegram supporting most EU languages ​​for better access to feedback and instant assistance “. The release of the French version of the application and of Exchange is therefore part of a logical continuation of this program of actions.

More languages ​​to come

European markets doing quite well in, it is therefore natural that the exchange develop versions for other local languages ​​after French. This release would therefore only be the first of many to come, as announced. However, she made no mention of the date of these releases nor of the languages ​​that will follow in terms of priority.

Chief Operating Officer, Eric Anziani thus declared: “We are very enthusiastic about the idea of ​​choosing the French language for the launch of the first version of our application and our local language exchange platform, thus highlighting the progress of our vision to accelerate adoption cryptocurrencies … Expect to see new versions of our app and our exchange platform in different languages ​​soon., because we work so that there are cryptocurrencies in each wallet “.

As the French versions in question are immediately available, has planned to provide support to the French community through the dedicated Telegram channel.

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