Market sentiment: “Secretly changed camps in a roundabout way”

Investors are increasingly positioning themselves on the bull side, with the bear side still being well populated. For Goldberg, a neutral scenario with a positive response.

In Joachim Goldberg’s view, the change in direction by the Fed in particular encouraged local investors to change direction. 11 percent of the professionals have bought stocks, the sentiment index of this group soars to -3 points. The behavioral economist suspects that many would have used the reset to 12,850 points to get started, which were obviously on the side before. In contrast, little has changed among private investors. The sentiment index of this investor group remains unchanged at 0 points.

The mood is also relatively neutral, also because the majority of the actors would have switched to the side and then to the cop camp. Goldberg expects that the polarization will prevent stronger swings upwards and downwards. He expects first demand between 12,900 and 12,950 points, profit-taking at around 13,500 points. “Practically neutral mood with a positive note.”

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