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Germany digitalThe Parkhotel Stuttgart solves its personnel problems digitally

The kitchen planning in the Parkhotel is carried out using laptops and tablets that everyone can accessPR

The location

Staff shortages are one of the biggest problems in the hotel and restaurant industry. Whether in the simple or the upscale gastronomy: Nationwide there are tens of thousands of vacancies that cannot be filled. It is not only the comparatively low wages that are to blame, but also the difficult working hours: there is a lot to do in the off-peak times of the day, and there is idle time in between.

The concept

The Parkhotel Stuttgart near the airport has digitized its kitchen operations together with an IT company. A software now regulates the ordering of the food, calculates the personnel expenses and distributes orders. This makes it easier to distribute the work over the day. A system of two shifts, morning and evening, was also possible. In addition, significantly fewer employees are now required.

“We replace one personnel level with technology”

Interview with Elouan Pêcheur, Director of the Parkhotel Stuttgart

Was your project primarily about cutting costs?

Not at all. The problem was rather that the classic kitchen organization no longer worked. There is the executive level and there is the executive. But the middle is missing, you can’t get people there. We are trying to replace this level with technology.

What exactly is changing in the processes?

Let’s say that for a particular dish, perhaps a gravy, you need to cut carrots and onions. Until now, this was done separately for each dish. Now the software checks how many sliced ​​carrots and onions we need in total and assigns the job.

How complicated was the transition to the new system?

It was important to sit down with Inventive Software. Overall, it took a good two years for the system to work.

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