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Nothing can stop ZEBITEX, which continues to heat up the big project listing machine. After the exceptional event dedicated to the listing of the token of the Avalanche project (AVAX), offered in preview via its IOU at the end of July, Zebitex continues to support the French-speaking crypto ecosystem by listing the $ UCO (Uniris Coin) token of the project highly innovative Uniris. This Monday 1er September, ZEBITEX, the leading cryptocurrency exchange in France, listed the $ UCO token at 3:00 p.m. KST. The UCO / EUR, UCO / USDT and UCO / BTC pairs have been accessible for trading since that moment, a moment that is meant to be a bit historic as the Uniris project gains in being better known.


Warning : This article is offered to you in partnership with the company ZEBITEX. Crypto investments are risky by nature, do your own research, and invest only within your financial capacity. This article does not constitute an investment invitation.

Uniris, data at your fingertips

As a reminder, Uniris is a French project whose history deserves to be highlighted, the first efforts of the French crypto nugget dating back to 2017. Many cutting-edge skills have combined to make it today one of the most innovative initiatives in the crypto industry. Researchers CNRS, blockchain, finance and security specialists … these are the profiles that you can find by exploring the board of this unique start-up that wants revolutionize the management of personal data, tamper-proof authentication and privacy protection.

In addition, while the protocol used by Uniris promises to be particularly innovative through its speed and his security (owner consensus baptized ARCH which combines low energy consumption, resistance to malicious actors and a very high number of transactions per second), when the concrete product is already available.

Indeed, Uniris has developed a biometric authentication solution based on the venous network of the fingers. No more passwords, credit or loyalty cards, or voter cards, but a unique signature for each individual drawn by the micro-veins of our digital extremities and usable in multiple contexts.

Locking connected objects, paying, sending personal data, the leads and applications seem limitless. A cutting-edge project, an exceptional aggregate of skills, research work notably under the leadership of Dr. Bernadette Charron-Bost, and researcher at the CNRS, in the IT department of the École Polytechnique and Gilles Gravier, reference in quantum cryptography and blockchain networks.

A Uniris / Zebitex partnership in line with the Digital Group philosophy

You will therefore understand that it is with great pleasure that the team of ZEBITEX (a subsidiary of Digital Group) is therefore offering you this token for trading today, while many crypto-enthusiasts often complain about the lack of utility or real project behind yet another ERC-20 token.


Add to this that Uniris also obtained the label of the CSF for the J.O. of Paris in 2024. To summarize, this corresponds to a validation to participate in the preparation tests related to the management of secure access during the Olympic Games in Paris in 2024.

Uniris Blockchain and Biometrics labeled for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games | GENERATE

Far from being anecdotal, this label will be valid for 5 years and was awarded by the committee of experts in security and biometrics of the Strategic Committee for the Security Industries Sector (CSF) of the National Council of French Industry.

A potentially incredible launch pad, with a world event as a life-size test, as millions of users will be likely to be affected by the Uniris protocol during the Olympic Games in Paris in 2024.

A remarkable tokenomic

Beyond the fundamentals, in terms of token-economy the UCO token was issued on the basis of a fixed offer of 10 billion UCO. However, a pre-programmed token destruction system is planned which will reduce the number of tokens in circulation over time, and therefore potentially increase its value.

Become the key to the new Internet
Even the tokenomic is smart

Zebitex is therefore proud to partner with Uniris in this phase of exposure of its $ UCO token, while the migration to its own blockchain is scheduled for 2021.


If you want to use the platform – you will find a complete presentation here -, We remind you that Zebitex is a 100% French company and that it will be easy to create and validate your account with dedicated, French-speaking customer service. Deposits by SEPA transfer are free and in case of rapid need for liquidity in your crypto account the charge for payment by credit card is only 3.5%.

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